We opened our store on August 5, 1965.

At first look, our store in downtown Decatur looks like hundreds of other jewelry stores in hundreds of other communities across the country with brightly-lit show windows on either side of the front entrance to entice customers.  On closer examination, however, it's not your typical jewelry store, it is a very special place.

 Our store front is original 1928 dark green marble below the windows, and stained glass above them and the door.  In addition, there's a curved, stained glass and copper awning projecting over the entryway.  The beauty of it is hard to see sometimes, however, because a green canvas awning is usually pulled down to keep the afternoon sun from heating the show windows to a boiling point.

John Eichhorn, who was president, master watch maker and repair man, built our business on being a diamond specialist.  Eileen, eldest of the 10 Eichhorn children and secretary/treasurer of the store, says her father would answer people who asked what sort of stone they get for a particular year's anniversary, by saying "always think diamonds." Until his death in January 2004, he continued to serve as the president and chairman of the board of the family business as well as continuing to repair hundreds of watches each year.

In addition to Eileen, her sister, Kate Dyer, is one of our sales associates and has been with our store since it opened its doors.  Another sister, Laura Ditto, has been our company's bookkeeper since 1982.  Kate's son, Matt, is the third generation involved in our store.  He is a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. 

In September 1999, our store underwent a renovation that had been in the planning stages for about five years.  The idea was not to make it more modern and glitzy, but to go back to the way it was when John quit his job at Ferris Bower and opened his own store.  We raised the ceiling back up to its original 14-foot height and put in copper-colored tin ceiling, drop lights and removed wallboards so the display windows on the showcases could be seen where they were raised.

We took unused space and created needed office space.  We also used the opportunity to fulfill the need to expand our antique and estate jewelry department.   We created a comfortable, private display room for our customers to view the antique and estate jewelry.  The massive renovation gave customers a fresh look at our store and gave the staff a renewed attitude to be one of the best  jewelry stores in the country. We now have our Estate section on the main floor. In 2003 we expanded and now have three beautiful showrooms. The upstairs is now used for office space.

We are a retail jewelry store that specializes in diamonds, colored gemstones, wedding rings, fine jewelry, baby and wedding gifts, estate jewelry, watch & jewelry repair/restoration, jewelry appraisals/gem identification, pearl restringing, diamond club, ear piercing, engraving, layaway and much more.  We have two full time Graduate Gemologists on staff.

Our store has a strong customer base in Indiana and across the country. Past customers that have moved away from northeast Indiana still call or e-mail us to order their jewelry. This commitment to quality has been polished since 1965 and it will continue to be followed.

“In the Heart of Downtown Decatur.  Making the World Sparkle One Diamond at a Time, Since 1965."

130 North 2nd Street, Decatur, Indiana, 46733, United States
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